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It's Amazing What You Can Experience When You View Things From A Different Perspective

It’s early on a Saturday and while most other kids are still sleeping, a Scout troop has already had their map reading class and has set off on a five-mile hike with their troop leader, John Hartman. If you ask John, he’ll tell you without hesitation that one of the most moving experiences in his life was the day he achieved the highest honor in scouting – Eagle Scout. This morning, John has chosen to pass on his knowledge to a new generation of Scouts – sharing experiences that will stay with them far longer than their next camping trip.

A New Perspective

Not long after earning his Eagle Scout rank, John enrolled at Washington State University where he graduated with a degree in business and forest management. He soon went to work for a major timber firm where he was in his element, managing part of a complex logging operation at the base of Mount St. Helens long before it erupted. After several years of putting his outdoor experience to work while passing on his practical business insight to his team, John moved from the timber industry to operate a fast-paced restaurant business with his wife Sallie.

Strong Commitment

Fueled by their independent spirits and a strong work ethic, John and his wife worked hard building their restaurant business, offering customers a comfortable place to relax and be served a home cooked meal. John’s strong management background was instrumental in successfully running the restaurant. Throughout ten years of operation, John managed more than 40 employees, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that added up to a moving experience for his customers and staff alike.

On the Move

Whether it’s with his coworkers, the scout troop or his own family, John has always been committed to creating great experiences in everything he does. It’s an approach he also brings to his 20+ year career as a successful real estate professional serving,Everett and the surrounding areas. John’s extensive knowledge and,insight makes the process of buying or selling a home a rewarding experience from start to finish. And, as a training specialist with many agents coming to him for answers, John is always on top of the latest developments in every area of real estate to better help his clients and his agents. For more than 20 years, John has been delivering a whole different experience for his real estate clients. With his thorough understanding of the buying and selling process, John helps his clients through every step of the process and ensures that their best interests are always being addressed and at the top of the priority list. As an innovator and big fan of new technologies, John has developed a comprehensive Web site that serves as part of a powerful marketing campaign for sellers. And for buyers, his easy-to-navigate site with access to hundreds of listings makes finding that perfect home a moving experience.

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