Client Testimonials

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We knew that selling our home in this economy was going to be tough.

We decided to try and sell it ourselves, because we could see that with the internet, the MLS listing is available to all. This wasn’t really the case the last time we sold a home; people pretty much had to get a realtor. We got some comparable property sales off, chose a price, and put our house up for sale. We had next to no response for that first month.

We decided we must need a realtor to bring us buyers. We thought a realtor would have the connections with buyers, and that would make the difference, so we signed up with a realtor. This realtor brought us the same printed off comparables we had seen on, looked at them for the first time as they were shown to us, and agreed that our price was good. For the next 6 months, we dropped our price repeatedly, but saw next to no action toward the sale of our house.

We decided we needed a realtor who had more local experience, and decided to call John L. Scott, because we knew their office was the closest real estate office to our house. That’s when we got connected with John Hartman. His length of years selling right in our neighborhood, and his obvious knowledge of our area of town impressed us right away.

We were relieved when John took the time to understand what we wanted and what we had already tried. Instead of giving us a sales pitch all about him, he sought to understand us first, which impressed us all the more.

John took the time to prepare a detailed market analysis that was so much more thorough than what we were able to do ourselves, or what we had seen from our previous realtor. He helped us choose a better price and showed us why it would be good.

Even though we had been listed for 7 months already, as soon as we listed with John we got many showings, and 2 offers right away—within 3 days! John advised us not to accept the first offer because his lengthy experience and his connection with other realtors gave him the sense that it wasn’t the sort of solid offer we needed. We were very glad for his ‘sense’.

The offer we accepted came from the client of a realtor John seemed to know well. It was then that we realized what we really needed all along in a realtor—one who was well connected with other realtors! We thought we needed a realtor that was connected with lots of buyers, but what we really needed was a realtor who is connected with many other realtors.

Our previous realtor didn’t communicate with us very well, and said they would do things they didn’t really follow through with. We knew this must be how they were communicating both with buyers and other realtors as well. John, on the other hand, always made thorough and frequent professional communication with us, and with the buyer’s realtor as well. We could tell that his top rate and faithful communications and doing what he says he will do through the years have put him in great standing with many local realtors, so that his experience and connections quickly brought us the sale we had been so long waiting for.

John continued to keep us thoroughly informed and wisely advised through the entire selling process. We really appreciated being able to trust him, because of his many years of experience and honesty with us.

We highly recommend John Hartman to anyone who is wanting to get their house sold, even in this tough economy!

~Tim and Barbie Poling


We were first time buyers so didn’t have any preconceived expectations. The service we received was excellent. John took care of everything. He is a true Professional!

~Jon & Jennifer L.


John Hartman was my listing broker for my home in North Everett. From the initial meeting with John to signing closing papers, his attention to detail and my sale were meticulous. He provided me with comprehensive information prior to listing that helped me get on the market quickly and secure an offer within 5 days of listing. He was always available to me throughout the process, answering my questions and sharing his knowledge every step of the way. I never had a worry because John is very professional, experienced and knowledgeable about sales within the area. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking for an agent to work on their behalf. He is the best and I would use him again in a heartbeat!

~Lori W


From the start I enjoyed how thorough and professional you were. We even had met with another real estate agent when we were first seeking an agent and it was a night and day difference to the level and quality of service you provided

~Sandy R.


When we were selling our house, we knew we wanted someone with experience. We didn't want an agent to just tell us what we wanted to hear; we wanted the truth. Selling a house can be very stressful and we knew it would be good to have an agent that was on top of things in a cool, calm manner. We are so thankful for John. We had a few little hiccups on the road, but John kept the road smooth. And from listing to closing, it only took a month! John Hartman is a fantastic agent and we highly recommend him!!

~Arvid & Carol S.


John had outstanding service and knowledge of the Real Estate market and we were really grateful for his advice in the purchasing and selling processes. WE felt we could really trust John’s advice when making such an important family decision to purchase a new home and sell our old home. We will recommend John to any of our friends who need a great and outstanding Real Estate Broker

~Nathan & Laurzia S.